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Well hi there!

My name is Ashley and I am the founder behind Truckshop! Back in 2012, I got the idea to start a mobile fashion boutique. I had no retail experience, but always had a passion for finding cute clothes that were well priced. While my initial dream had been to open a brick & mortar, I saw a unique opportunity to bring something completely different to the Midwest. Anything I didn't know about the industry, I googled, researched, and just showed up places ready to figure it out. I wish I could tell you I had a perfect business plan laid out, but I never did. I just had a gut feeling and a master to-do list to bring it to life. I bought a used truck on craigslist a week before Christmas in Owensboro, KY and had my poor dad drove behind me the 6 hours it took to get it back to Cincinnati (aren't Dads the best?!). From there, we gutted and transformed the truck into a full-service boutique (shout out to Michele Pinnales for bringing my vision to life). I can tell you that my retail inexperience should have been my greatest weakness, but it has turned out to be my greatest asset in leveraging a fresh perspective on evolving retail.

I truly believe the best ideas are contingent upon also having the best timing and the best location. With that said, I have felt being the 1st mobile truck in Ohio was lightning in a bottle. I have found Ohioans (and Kentucky + Indiana ladies!) are incredibly strong supporters of small business and because of you all, I have gotten to do what I love most.

SO, if you're new around here, I always recommend joining our Facebook & Instagram pages...we post all the good stuff there 1st! Inventory is fresh every week, we typically don't restock, and we keep everything $65 & under. 

And if you aren't bored yet, you can learn more about Truckshop & me through video below.



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Ashley Volbrecht: Truckshop from Kelley School of Business on Vimeo.